Soft Tissue Injury in the Knee

The knees are a VERY important part of the body! We use them all the time when we are out and about! Right? So if there is a soft tissue injury in the knee, it has a pretty big effect on what we can do! I mean, it’s not easy to crawl to the grocery store!!!!
But all joking aside, it is difficult to live life when we can’t walk very well – not to mention how an injury can affect the rest of the body – that’s called compensation. This whole compensation concept is a HUGE factor in therapeutic bodywork – and very important if the person receiving massage wants to REALLY make progress. But, more on that abstraction later, see below!

What Can Happen to Injure the Knee

The causes of soft tissue injury in the knee are quite numerous. Why? It’s because the knee is very complex in its nature – and for good reason. The knee has a major rotational function so the lower body can move efficiently. Perhaps this is an evolutional adaptation – to help us move faster to avoid . . . the dreaded giant Wooly Mammoth!
That’s purely conjecture on my part, not fact. But, the knee does give us the ability to move in different directions quickly! But, by moving quickly, the knee does make sacrifices . . . what are they?

How Does the Knee Help Us Move?

Obviously, the knee helps us get around: walk, run, jump, and stand. The knee also assists in balance. The surrounding muscles contract to make the knee move. We take the knee for granted because it just always does what it does so well. The knee is kinda like the hinge on a door that makes the door open and close. Likewise the knee “swings” and allows the leg to move as a whole.
The knee is the biggest joint in the body – and for good reason. It has to support the weight of the body as well as to decrease the impact of our weight when we run or jump. So really, the knee contributes to the function of the whole body by allowing us to move, move quickly and change direction [in case we’re being chased by that Wooly Mammoth!].

Anatomy of the Knee

Because the knee bears the body’s weight and is responsible for quick action, its design has to be complex! At the knee, the bone in the upper leg meets with the lower leg and this proximity has to be cushioned to prevent bone-on-bone. The knee is known to have many ligaments that stabilize it. Ligaments are fairly rigid cable-like structures attaching to bones to keep them in place with only minimal movement. And still, the knee is able to move freely – in some directions!
Common ligaments in the knee that get injured are: the ACL and the LCL [anterior cruciate ligament + lateral collateral ligament]. The ACL is the one that prevents too much front-to-back movement like a sudden, accidental stop while skiing. The LCL is the one that football players injury often because it prevents too much side-to-side movement of the knee.

But, What if . . . THERE IS . . . a Soft Tissue Injury in the Knee?

If you have an injury to your knee, try to self-diagnose what’s going on. That is the 1st line of defense. Even though knee injury can be quite complicated, you can start with a few self-examinations:

  1. Could the pain be merely from an overzealous workout or other exercise you did in the last day or 2?
  2. have you experienced a similar discomfort [pain] before – meaning it’s familiar enough that it’s nothing unusual; 3] or, is this pain different than usual?
  3. If the pain is familiar, then you could give it a day or 2 to see if it resolves. If not, you should rest your knee – and investigate what happens next. It’s possible that your knee has been injured beyond normal and you should seek help to deal with it.
  4. This is where massage therapy can assist the process. Massage therapy is a relatively inexpensive way to get professional help to start the process of rehabilitation. Visit my website to get more info about the therapeutic work I do: You can get $20 off my usual price if you register online:

How Complicated is a Soft Tissue Injury in the Knee?

As previously mentioned, a soft tissue injury in the knee can be quite complicated! But, don’t worry yet – because it might not be complicated! The knee is an important part of the human body because it gives us that amazing ability to move, oftentimes quickly!
If you have a soft tissue injury in the knee, it’s important to treat any unusual symptom as soon as possible to prevent it from becoming worse!
There are several options to pursue . . . a knowledgeable friend, a chiropractor you know and trust, a physical therapist you know and trust, a doctor you know and trust or a bodyworker you know and trust! Take the 1st step to help resolve your knee pain! You can always call me or visit my website for the $20 discount: 831-818-6916

More Info about a Soft Tissue Injury in the Knee

Again, the knee is a very complex structure in the leg. There are a number of possible ailments to be aware of – see the link below. But, know that massage therapy can help! Read more at How to prevent and treat knee injuries