Relaxing Massage Therapy – How It Can Benefit You If It’s Done Correctly

There are A LOT of different styles of massage – and a lot of different styles for massage therapy! If you are looking for relaxing massage therapy, it takes a bit of discov-ery to find a practitioner who can REALLY deliver that! But 1st, here’s a brief look at the different “modalities” of massage and what they do.

There are 2 basic/general types of massage: 1] wellness + 2] healthcare. Wellness is for general relaxation or stress reduction. If there isn’t a specific medical problem or healthcare issue, then the “wellness” type of massage assists people to manage their stress but doesn’t go further into the depth of ongoing problems. This type is usually what is done in a spa setting.

The other type of massage is called healthcare. Healthcare goes deeper into what’s really happening inside the body and offers solutions to treat conditions of imbalance. Here, there are compromised health predicaments that a person wants to address. This could be a situation of a person who has muscle strain or could be a bad as a car accident.

What Is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy falls under the category of “healthcare.” Massage therapy is massage that treats painful and/or dysfunctional conditions of soft tissue in the body. For example, if you have discomfort or pain in your low back – or if you feel stress in your neck and shoulders, you would want massage therapy. Can “regular” massage really work to help that? Can Swedish massage focus on that area enough to do any long lasting effects?

Swedish massage is usually considered to be more in the realm of relaxation rather than therapeutic. BUT, Swedish is definitely satisfying, comforting and enjoyable and that has beneficial effects! But – are you looking for relaxing massage therapy to help remedy a problem area of your body? Or to . . . ease a painful condition? And, what’s the difference between massage therapy and relaxing massage? There can be quite a difference between the 2. You can learn more about me from the testimonials people have left me: Let’s look further into the different styles!

Massage Therapy vs Relaxing Massage

Just briefly stated again, relaxing massage will more readily reduce stress, anxiety, apprehensiveness, tenseness, impatience, restlessness, expectation, insecurity, fear, etc. You could say relaxation massage aims to lower emotional stress! And, that is im-portant! A practitioner with skill in relaxation massage can definitely help us to “re-set” our strained mind set back to calmness!

Massage therapy targets specific areas of the body that are either hurting, painful or aren’t functioning well. This treatment aims to correct or re-align the body back into a position that operates with better function. And, if you can find a massage therapist who can give you a relaxing massage therapy, you have found the best of both worlds!
My bodywork practice is a fully functioning business that incorporates both therapy for the body alignment and relaxation for the mind. Here is a video [when i worked in Berkeley] of Suzanne who had rather severe low back pain for several/many years.

Massage Therapy vs Relaxing Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is bodywork that helps to relieve a problem area in your body – it’s different from massage that’s just relaxing. Relaxation massage certainly can be nice – I like it because it helps to reduce my stress. But when I need to solve an imbalance in my body, I go to a practitioner who does therapy. But some of them don’t do as good a job at relaxing me. Why?

Relaxing Massage therapy is more of an art than a skill – it does take skill but the main thing is for the practitioner to be tuned into the client. But, it also means that the practitioner has to be calm, serene and tranquil themselves. When a practitioner has those qualities, s/he will automatically “transfer” that calmness to the client.
It’s like – have you ever been around someone that you feel really comfortable around? It just doesn’t take any energy from you to feel good around the person – and that person makes things go smoothly with no conflict. THAT”S the kind of practitioner who can give a truly RELAXING massage!

There are a number of people I’ve worked on who say my therapeutic bodywork sessions are relaxing. In fact, here’s my Yelp page – read the 1st review by Brittani B.

How To Find A Massage Practitioner Who Does Relaxing Massage Therapy

It can sometimes be a trial-and-error process to find a really good therapist who can consistently give relaxing massage therapy that is also therapeutic! One suggestion is to ask how long the practitioner has been in business. Someone who’s fairly new to the massage industry may still be perfecting their process of massage and actual strokes and not have developed the subtle nuance of being present during the treat-ment.

Another way to find a good practitioner can be to try my services. I have been in busi-ness since 2006 and have specifically designed my treatments to be relaxing in addi-tion to therapeutic! It’s really the best way I’ve found to do effective bodywork! Contact me for more info: 831.818.6916 You can always get $20 off on my scheduler: