Cure For Lower Back Muscle Pain

If you have low back pain, it can be quite discouraging! After all, low back pain is 1 of the most common ailments around the globe. An estimated 75-85% of Americans experience some form of back pain during their life. Although low back pain can be quite debilitating and painful, in approximately 90% of cases, it is temporary and the pain improves without surgery. That is DEF good news! But, is there a cure for lower back muscle pain?

There are a lot of muscles in the lower back and there are a few that are “notorious” for causing lower back pain. They are: the psoas, the quadratus lumborum [“QL”], the glutes, the multifiidus and the infamous piriformis muscle. We will talk about those but 1st, we should look at the anatomy of the lower back and see what’s going on!

Anatomy of the Low Back

When we look at the anatomy of the lower back, it’s easy to see how pain can arise! The curve in the lower back takes a lot of “load” from the upper body. A load means that the weight of the upper body presses down against the lower back and that weight is transferred to the spine. If a person is over weight, the “load” is even heavier on the lower back.

So, how do we alleviate that pressure on the lower back? The low back is a well engineered part of the body that is usually strong with all its bones, muscles, ligaments, nerves, etc. But, the complexity of the lower back can also lead to injury and pain. Let’s investigate what can go wrong and look for a cure for lower back muscle pain.

Low Back – What Can Go Wrong

Besides just bearing the weight of the upper body, the low back contains ligaments, nerves, muscles and the spinal discs. It’s the center of the body when we look at it as a whole and is a pretty complex area. When we have an accident or if we overuse the lower back, any number of the tissues can become impaired – and pain or dysfunction can occur. Luckily, the most frequent cause of lower back pain is soft tissue strain.

Massage can certainly make improvements for this kind of complication – and reduce the pain level. If you’ve had bodywork from a skilled practitioner, you know how effective massage therapy can be! Low back pain can be disruptive to your life and it then becomes important to reduce the pain! Get in touch with me and we can talk about your situation:

Which Lower Back Muscles Can Cause Pain

Well, there are MANY muscles in the lower back that could cause pain and dysfunction that can seriously disrupt your life! As mentioned before, the most common ones can be treated by a qualified orthopedic massage practitioner. Why? These muscles tend to have “big jobs” without any rest. What does that mean? It means that certain muscles have to work A LOT sometimes for other muscles [which aren’t functioning properly].
Some of the biggest muscles in the lower back are the “erectors.” They run along side the spine and keep us erect and upright [even when sitting]. They are big muscles and can get overworked but there are other muscles in the lower back that are better known to actually cause pain. Let’s look at them individually and see why! And – let’s see if there is a cure for lower back muscle pain.

The most common lower back muscle pain I see in my massage business is called the “QL.” The full name is quadratus lumborum. Its primary job is to bend the body to 1 side or the other. The QL can be overworked from sitting too much – like at work in front of a screen or when driving longer distances. The QL helps to keep the body upright. Is it the cure for lower back muscle pain? . . . possibly – see below!

Another muscle is the piriformis muscle – it’s the 2nd most common muscle that I find in my clients. It’s located in the glute/buttock area and is soooo close to the sciatic nerve that it can create symptoms of sciatica. The piriformis muscle can be aggravated from too much sitting like what might happen at work or being a “couch potato.” Luckily, massage treatment of the piriformis is highly successful!

The last common muscle that causes lower back pain is the psoas muscle. Is it the cause of low back muscle pain? Maybe! But the psoas is a deep muscle in the lower abdominal area that is sometimes hard to get to – and it’s in an area that’s personal, private and often intimate. So, it takes a willingness on your part to “go there.” The psoas is also known to have an emotional component when it gets massaged.

How Lower Back Muscle Pain Can Be Relieved

Is there really a cure for lower back muscle pain? Can a this really be achieved? This is the controversial question! Lower back pain can certainly be relieved to a great extent! Lower back muscle pain is a common condition – but a complete cure is usually hard to achieve.

BUT, therapeutic bodywork can go a LONG way to achieving relief! And, I’ve had clients who have had remarkable results. If you want to learn more, get in touch with me! 831-818-6916

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