Low Back Pain While Standing – Can Be Annoying But Massage Therapy Will Help!

Perhaps you’ve felt low back pain while standing . . . it’s a common occurrence that people know even if they don’t mention it! I mean, how many times have you been standing in a line waiting to check out and felt the pain? Clients certainly mention that pain when they talk with me about their symptoms before I give them a bodywork session!   If you stand upright for a long time, it can certainly affect your low back.

Anatomy of the Low Back

When we look at the low back anatomy and consider standing for a long time, it’s easy to see how pain can arise! The curve in the low back takes a lot of “load” from the upper body. That means the weight of the upper body presses against the lower back and the weight is transferred to the spine and the lower back. The low back also gives us mobility such as bending and twisting but if we are standing and the upper back weight is loaded/pressing downward, the lower back will bear the load!

So, how do we alleviate that stress – how do we relieve the low back pain while standing? The low back is a well-engineered part of the body that is usually strong with bones, muscles, ligaments, nerves, etc. But, this complexity can also lead to injury and pain. Let’s investigate what can go wrong.

Low Back – What Can Go Wrong

Besides just bearing weight, the low back contains ligaments, nerves, muscles and the spinal discs. It’s the center of the body and is a rather complex area. When we have an accident or we overuse the low back, any number of the tissues can become impaired and pain or dysfunction can occur. Luckily, the most frequent cause of low back pain while standing is soft tissue strain.

Massage can certainly make changes for this kind of complication – and reduce the pain level. If you’ve had bodywork from a skilled practitioner, you know how effective massage therapy can be! Low back pain can be disruptive to your life and it pays to reduce the pain! Get in touch with me and we can talk about your situation:  tpett.ortho.massage@gmail.com.    https://tompettengill.com

Symptoms of Low Back Pain

Low back pain from standing can be mild, moderate or severe. Mild pain is usually from soft tissue like muscles or ligaments. Although this isn’t usually urgent, you should investigate what is going on and act on it if necessary. To get a skillful massage, you can always contact me to get more information: 831-818-6916 or use the contact form on https://tompettengill.com

Moderate pain that is described as burning, tingling, numbness or stinging can arise from several sources but can leave you hurting for long periods of time. Assuming you haven’t been in some kind of accident, this pain usually involves either nerves or a spinal disc. You should seek professional advice and find out.  Muscle spasms fall into this category and although aren’t critical, they do hurt – massage can help here too!

Severe pain should be attended to immediately! This can be pain that is intense or gets worse over time. Low back pain while standing can increase especially after long periods of standing. If you find that you can’t stand up straight after sitting for a long time, you should get help immediately, then lie down to rest. Intense pain might be a symptom of a critical condition so make the call for assistance!

Is Low Back Pain While Standing from a Muscle or a Nerve?

If the pain you are feeling is achy and dull, the cause is likely muscular in nature. This kind of pain will usually be fairly localized meaning where you feel it is where it really is. Nerve pain feels more more like stinging, tingling, numbing, shooting, radiating, etc. It is caused by some kind of nerve damage or compression, like from a bulging disc or entrapment of a nerve by soft tissue. Nerve pain can radiate to another location.

Another type of pain is called psychogenic pain, which is pain that is affected by psychological factors. Psychogenic pain most often has a physical origin either in tissue damage or nerve damage. But the pain gets worse or lasts longer because of things like fear, depression, stress, or anxiety. In some cases, pain comes from a psychological condition.

Whether your low back pain while standing is from muscle strain or nerve compression, therapeutic bodywork can help you and offer treatment remedies. The low back is an area that I’ve treated often and I have clients that ask for relief. If your pain is intense, please get in touch: 831-818-6916  or  https://tompettengill.com

How to Care for Your Low Back Pain

If your low back pain is intense, you should contact your healthcare provider immediately. If the pain is mild, here are some options you can do to help:

  1. a short period of rest can do wonders – do it!
  2. Exercise can release endorphins which are natural painkillers
  3. apply ice if the pain started recently, otherwise, heat might help – consult someone who knows
  4. posture – sometimes low back pain while standing can develop from incorrect posture

Massage for low back pain is an option that sometimes gets overlooked. Massage therapy can definitely assist in relieving muscles that are tight, stressed or have created pain. If you can find a talented, skillful therapist with experience in low back pain while standing, contact s/he to set up an appt. My office is in the Santa Cruz area: https://tompettengill.com  831-818-6916

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