Benefits of Facial Massage – How Massaging Your Face Can Affect Your Well Being

What is a Facial Massage?

Facial massage is a general term that refers to rubbing and manipulating your skin and muscles of the face. It can be purely just for relaxation, or it can be used as a way to apply lotion for dry skin, or it can be a way to utilize anti-aging cream – or the benefits of facial massage can be achieved by massage therapy.

Different Types of Facial Massage . . . Are There Benefits of Facial Massage?

There are definitely benefits of facial massage – let’s have a deeper look. If you want therapeutic massage for your face, please contact me and we can discuss exactly what you’d like!

1] Swedish massage: 1 common way to do massage on the face is Swedish. These strokes improve circulation in the blood vessels near the surface of the skin. This technique can include kneading, squeezing and sometimes even pinching.

2] Acupressure: acupressure [not acupuncture] usually applies slightly light to moderate pressure but can still increase circulation and leave the skin feeling stimulated.

3] Lymphatic Drainage: as we age, lymphatic function decreases so this type of massage can temporarily lessen excess fluid in the face; it actually can move toxins out of the cells and thus reduce swelling! This can also encourage the skin to repair itself and lead to collagen production and elasticity.

Another Massage Type That Has Benefits of Facial Massage

Therapeutic bodywork is a type of massage that goes beyond the others. Why? Therapeutic bodywork is beneficial by doing several things to the face: keep the skin younger looking, help keep the skin firm, relieve tension and anxiety, relieve migraines and can therapeutically alleviate a structural problem Let’s look at these benefits 1-by-1.

1] Younger Skin: facial skin that gets massage regularly gets more blood circulation which brings in nutrients and takes away waste products. The end product is a smoother, more youthful skin.

2] Firm Skin: assisting the skin to repair itself leads to increased collagen production. But, what is collagen? Collagen is a protein in our bodies that provides structural support to tissues – it also plays important roles in cellular processes, including cellular migration [this type of cellular migration has nothing to do with your phone – it’s about the cells in your body!!].

3] Tension Relief: your face can carry a lot of tension and that can cause anxiety that is disruptive to your life. Why? We can hold fear in the face and that will have a detrimental affect in our lives. Therapeutic bodywork can relieve that tension. I’m available to discuss your situation and provide soothing facial massage: 831.818.6916

4] Relieve Migraines: The area between the eyebrows, also known as the 3rd eye or Yin Tang, can be skillfully massaged to relieve migraine headaches.

5] Structural Problems in the Face: probably the most common structural problem of the face is called “TMJ” – temporomandibular joint. The condition is more accurately called TMD, dysfunction of the TMJ. TMD seems to be a fairly easy issue to treat. After all, it’s simply the joint that attaches the jaw to the area near your ear.
But, TMD has other, sometimes intense cause! Why does that joint get so painful? Could it be from stress in your life? Could that stress manifest into your jaw? Do you clinch your jaw from tension or possibly fear? Do you over eat . . . and could that cause your jaw to be sore?

Those are only a few of the possible causes of pain in the jaw! TMJ/TMD usually has a strong emotional component that has to be acknowledged and skillfully treated to really resolve TMD. Only temporary relief can be achieved without the massage practitioner knowing the deeper causes of jaw pain. This is definitely 1 of the benefits of facial massage!

I have treated a number of clients that have TMJ/TMD. It’s not a quick process, it takes a commitment on your part to go through the whole treatment regime to get full relief. But mainly, it takes you to be willing to look deeply into what your stressors are, how they are involved in your life. And – are there possible traumas in your life that manifest as tension, or anxiety or fear?

This awareness on your part is really important!! It may be that you don’t have stressors that make TMD worse. But again, treating TMD is 1 of the major benefits of facial massage. Feel free to contact me: 831.818.6916

If you feel like you’d like to look at your TMJ/TMD straight on, please call me and let’s have a convo about it. I will compassionately talk with you, look at what’s happening and we can proceed forward. The choice is all yours! Read about the lesser known aspects of TMD

Self Massage – What You Can Do As 1 of The Benefits for Facial Massage

Here’s a video about how to give yourself a massage to help with anti-aging as well as face lifting – click here.
I suggest you try self massage and if it ends up not being beneficial enough, get in touch with me and we can look at what else you need. And remember, relieving tension and stress in the face can make you feel MUCH BETTER!

Another 1 of The Benefits of Facial Massage

Have you heard of Face Rolling? It’s a way to give your skin a quick boost in its appearance and . . . . it feels good. Here’s a link: click here