Specific Client Case #2 – How M.E.T. Can “Awaken” Body Parts Not Functioning Well

Rebecca is a surfer in Santa Cruz, CA. In 2022, her right leg was not functioning well enough to easily stand up on her board as she was catching a wave. She could do it but it felt unnatural, uncoordinated and unconnected to what she was asking it to do. It was limiting her ability to surf in the way she really wanted to – and it was frustrating!

To complicated matters, years before Rebecca had some intense traumatic experiences to her right leg. Back to present day, this manifested as dull pain in her thigh but also sharp, burning pain in her foot – and worst of all, this pain usually woke her up when she was sleeping at night, And, driving more than 20 minutes was difficult because the pain would increase.

As with Client Case #1, my very 1st objective was to reduce her pain! That much pain in her body, every day, made her life really miserable! To relieve Rebecca’s pain, I re-leased some trapped/compressed nerves that were causing the pain. But, next came the real work – to get her right leg back to functioning well – into coordination with the rest of her body.

That’s where MET came it – and it’s actually a different aspect of MET.
MET is primarily known to relax and relieve muscle tension. But MET can also “awaken” or stimulate muscles that the brain has partially disconnected from [due to trauma]. That’s why Rebecca felt like her right leg was not as coordinated – the brain had given it a lower priority of function even when she asked for it.

But as Rebecca and I continued to work together, she was slowly able to stand up on her board better [and, to boot, the pain in her leg almost completely resolved!]. . . . all due to MET!! Here’s a link of Rebecca talking about her condition/pain: MET, Rebec-ca, intro
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