Low Back Pain for Women

Low back pain is pretty common these days – it is 1 of the most frequent complaints I get in my therapeutic bodywork business. Improper lifting of a heavy object is probably the main cause of rather severe low back pain – even a lighter object can cause pain. There will be more info about proper lifting techniques later in this blog.

But for now, is low back pain for women more predominant than in men? Looking across all age groups, there’s no definite pattern – men in some cases/ages, women in others. But, what is clear is that after menopause [or other times when women have less estrogen], low back pain for women occurs at a higher rate. Here’s a technical scientific study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4858456/

How does Low Back Pain Develop?

Some of the main causes that affect women are:

  1. Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction: because women have a slightly small joint, there is more stress there and pain can arise:  https://www.spine-health.com/conditions/sacroiliac-joint-dysfunction/sacroiliac-joint-dysfunction-si-joint-pain
  2. Spinal Osteoarthritis: wear and tear on the facet joints of the lower spine increases age and weight gain:  https://www.spine-health.com/conditions/arthritis/osteoarthritis-spine 
  3. Tailbone Pain: due to child birth as well as the shape and angle of the pelvis, women are more susceptible:  https://www.spine-health.com/conditions/lower-back-pain/coccydynia-tailbone-pain
  4. PMS or Menstruation: this varies between women but can cause low back pain.

Symptoms of Low Back Pain for Women

Besides a traumatic event like a car accident, some of the common causes of low back pain are:

  1. Lifting Something Heavy: improper lifting techniques is probably the worst action
  2. Extra Body Weight: this puts additional pressure on the low back especially if you already have a pre-existing condition
  3. Lack of Exercise: exercise helps to strengthen the low back even if you don’t specifically target it;
  4. Chair or Bed: the shape of your chair or your bed can greatly affect your low back
  5. Posture: your posture does have a big effect on your low back, slumping over [even though we may not notice it] adds stress
  6. Stress: stress creeps into our lives and causes many problems – mostly cuz we’re not aware of how it affects us . . . because . . . we’re too preoccupied being stressed out!

What You Can Do Immediately For Yourself

If you start to get low back pain, here are a few things to do:

  1. First and foremost, have awareness when your back starts to hurt – – – seems obvious I know but it actually can be overlooked. The sooner you notice the pain, the quicker you can begin to relieve it.
  2. Try to stretch your back, to relieve any tension that may build up; if you’re at work, stretch during your next break
  3. Ask a friend to rub your low back and use a healing salve if you have some.
  4. You can also take an herbal remedy that helps to diminish the low back pain. Herbal products might work slower than OTC drugs but often times with less side effects and can also do a more efficient job at actually healing the issue.

Proper Lifting of a [Heavy] Object

It’s pretty easy to just bend over and pick something up especially if it seems lightweight. But even a light load can injure the low back and we may not even notice “the damage.”  So, here is the best way

  1. Bend your knees to go downward
  2. Bend your hips slightly but keep your back fairly straight
  3. After picking up the object, keep it fairly close to your body
  4. Then straighten your legs to lift.

When putting the object back down, reverse the process

  1. Keep the object close to your body
  2. keep your back fairly straight
  3. Bend your knees and put the object down.

Long-Term Care of Low Back Pain for Women

In some cases, low back pain is simply caused by muscle strain and can be managed through massage therapy or perhaps even at home. This is the 1st line of care for low back pain for women. I have treated many people with low back pain through therapeutic bodywork – here is my website Home page so you can learn more about me: https://tompettengill.com

And, here are other suggestions: chiropractic, PT, acupuncture, mindfulness; meditation for stress reduction, electrical nerve stimulation, pharmacological treatments, diet to reduce inflammatory foods that are high in trans fat, refined sugars and processed foods and surgery if severe.

Massage Therapy: Low Back Pain for Women

Massage therapy can be a good solution for low back pain! If the muscles have become sore for any reason, massage therapy can help the muscles:

  1. help the muscles relax
  2. recover quicker
  3. get you out of pain quicker. 

If you suspect the pain is unusual and pretty bad, take action to see a qualified health practitioner soon.

Therapeutic bodywork directly addresses tight or overworked muscles. To find a skilled practitioner, it’s important to look for someone who has experience doing this kind of work. Check out the person’s reviews – and in particular, read the reviews that aren’t 5 star! And, if there are only have a few reviews, maybe the practitioner is inexperienced.

Here’s a link to the therapeutic bodywork I do [you can find my reviews on Yelp]: https://tompettengill.com

In Summary

Low back pain for women is a common occurrence in the body and there are several/many ways to address it. Since it’s entirely possible the underlying cause is only muscular, massage therapy is the easiest way to start reducing the pain. You are welcome to contact me for advice: https://tompettengill.com tpett.ortho.massage@gmail.com Massage therapy can also provide long-term relief if the issue is muscular.