Massage for Chronic Pain – How Therapeutic Bodywork Can Help Ease You Pain

Chronic pain can be some of the worst pain people experience. The pain may be dull and achy rather than always sharp but – it’s usually always there! Chronic pain can interfere with your daily life and lead to anxiety and depression – it can be REALLY tough to deal with!

Chronic pain can interfere with your daily activities, such as working, having a social life and taking care of yourself or others. Besides leading to depression and anxiety, it can also make sleeping difficult, which can make your pain worse. Sleeplessness and worsening pain create a cycle that can be difficult to break.

What’s the Difference Between Chronic Pain and Other Pain?

Chronic pain differs from another type of pain called acute pain. Acute pain happens when you get hurt, such as experiencing a simple cut to your skin or a broken bone. Acute pain doesn’t last long, and it goes away after your body heals from whatever caused the pain. In contrast, chronic pain continues long after you recover from an in-jury or illness. Sometimes it even happens for no apparent reason.

As a massage therapist, I’ve worked on people who have trauma that has not resolved in their body. This trauma could have even happened many years ago or during child-hood. For example, parents bringing up their children might inadvertently get really angry at a child which might then cause the child to “retreat inward” and make the child have low self esteem, resulting in behavior that causes pain in the body tissues.
Even though it often is hard to determine if trauma really can create pain and dysfunc-tion in the body, I have worked with clients who have come to grips with trauma and the effects of bodywork have been positive. Here’s a video about Rebecca whose right ankle was traumatized when she was pregnant with her 2nd child [and a brief look at the technique [M.E.T.] that helped her recover]: Click here

Massage for Chronic Pain

Massage for chronic pain takes a special skill. Although relaxation massage can have a comforting affect, it takes a knowledgeable therapeutic bodywork to know the best method to treat chronic pain. Chronic pain can be quite complex and hard to figure out exactly how to alleviate it.

I’ve worked with many clients who had chronic pain – and it wasn’t easy. 1 reason is because of the complexity of the pain – AND how the pain can change during the on-going massage sessions.

Suzanne was 1 of those clients – she had chronic pain since she was 20 years old be-fore she came to me [when I worked in Berkeley]. You can listen to her story below but she was lucky, at the beginning, to get some relief after only a session or 2. Click here

Is Massage for Chronic Pain Different Than for Acute Pain?

Chronic pain lasts much longer than acute pain – and what causes chronic pain is sometimes less clear-cut. Chronic pain can originate from disease, like lupus or mus-cular dystrophy; structural issues, such as posture; or environmental factors, like work-related overuse injuries. So, are the massage techniques the same – to relieve pain?
Let’s use the example that acute pain arises from an injury, though there are other reasons as well. Massaging an acute injury can be a delicate process because if there is swelling, the massage practitioner has to be careful not to make the swelling and pain worse! So, a lighter touch is often the best technique!

But massage for chronic pain might actually need deeper pressure to loosen tissues that are under the surface of the body. But again, the practitioner has to have the knowledge and experience to know if that’s necessary and when/how to do it! And usually chronic pain takes more sessions to get to the root of the problem – after all, the complication has existed in the body for a period of time.

The Services I Offer

If you are looking for massage for chronic pain, click on the red link above and listen to Suzanne’s story. Briefly what she says is that she had chronic hip pain for 20 years that wouldn’t go away despite all the different procedures she tried. One of the special techniques I use is called Muscle Energy Technique [MET]. It’s spe-cial because: 1] not many massage practitioners use it [unfortunately]; 2] it accesses the brain to send a message to muscles that helps them relax – that whole process is fascinating! To watch a video about MET, click on the link in red closer to the top of the 1st page, just before the heading “Massage for Chronic Pain.”

The services I offer focus on massage therapy that specifically treats pain and dysfunc-tion in the body. That could be something like tight shoulders or a painful lower back or it could be chronic pain that has been hard to alleviate. I worked on a woman recently who had whiplash from a pretty bad car accident about 2 years ago. She got enough relief after just 2 sessions that she told me she doesn’t need to come back again!

She was lucky in that she got ease in just a few sessions – usually massage for chronic pain takes longer. But, relief comes gradually along the way. Here is more info about me – but remember that when you book online [Click here] You get $20 off the prices listed on my Website.