What is the Cost of Deep Tissue Massage?

If you’re wondering what the cost of deep tissue massage is, you’ve asked
a really good question! Deep tissue massage can vary a lot depending on
how skilled your massage practitioner is. The quality and the cost of deep
tissue massage is quite variable.


It all depends on how experienced your practitioner is – – – well, it’s also a
factor of how “in tune” with your body your therapist is. What does “in
tune” mean? It means that the therapist: 1] has training in therapeutic
bodywork; 2] has applied that training over a significant time; 3] then starts
to use other skills to enhance the treatment you will receive.

So, how does that affect the Cost of Deep Tissue Massage?

If you find a therapist who is really good at deep tissue, it costs more.
That’s obvious but is that worth it? YES, absolutely!!! Finding and working
with a massage therapist who is skilled in deep tissue can greatly enhance
not only the effectiveness of the bodywork but will create a better
experience for you!

A Better Experience!

Deep tissue bodywork goes down deeper into the tissues – and therefore,
we all know, that it can be harder if you’re the one receiving deeper work.
BUT, the benefits of that can be very rewarding due to the physical
realignment of tissues which are not functioning in an optimal way.

And, the benefits go beyond just the physical “re-positioning”: we will have
less pain in our bodies, we will feel better and thus we can focus and
concentrate better on everything we’re doing! That’s a win-win!

What Else is Possible?

Even though the cost of deep tissue massage can be more expensive,
there are even more benefits!! If you have ever had chronic pain in your
body, you know how wonderful it is to get rid of it! There are several pain
management strategies to get out of pain – among them:

Therapeutic bodywork has got to be the best! [it’s better than relying on
pills that numb pain – that merely reduces the symptom]. Deep tissue
bodywork can have a resounding effect at reducing pain in the long term.

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Why Does Deep Tissue Massage Reduce Pain?

1st of all, what is pain? Some of the recent research on body pain says that
the brain determines if we feel pain or not! So, can we convince the brain to
NOT feel pain? Maybe – but that’s another topic!! When pain is present, a
viable option is deep tissue massage.

And WHY?? Deep tissue massage is very specific about the precise
techniques that specialize in targeting dysfunction of soft tissue in the body!
Get it? Specific is the keyword here! We’re not talking about merely
relaxation massage – but deep tissue can be relaxing too, if your
practitioner is skilled enough to know how to add that it.

How To Find a Good Massage Therapist

Sometimes it takes trial-and-error. But, if you think you’ve found a good
one, here’s a guideline. After the 1st session, you will probably feel sore the
next day – thats normal! It’s actually a good thing! It means the practitioner
did go deeply. But, the soreness should mostly dissipate by the 2nd day.

So, if you liked that 1st treatment as well as felt an affinity with the
practitioner, keep going back. After a couple more sessions, you should
feel at least some progress with each treatment. If not, talk with your
therapist and ask what his/her thoughts are about the overall treatment

The results of deep tissue massage can vary – – – every situation is
obviously different. And, the more a body needs therapeutic work to correct
the dysfunction, the more time will be needed to “unwind” it! Give your
practitioner enough time so you can feel progress in your body.

The Quality of Deep Tissue Massage

We know that the cost of deep tissue massage can vary but what about the
quality? As mentioned in the last section, massage practitioners can vary in
their skill level. But, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for! So,
here’s some advice on how to pick a good practitioner:

Look for someone who’s training is geared toward massage therapy not
just relaxation. Most practitioners will list their offerings [skills] on their
website but the real test is how effectively they work on you. And . . . if the
1st session felt OK to you and you liked the therapist, give it another
session to see how that goes.

If you didn’t like the therapist and you feel lousy for several days, maybe
the bodywork wasn’t good for your body. This is another opportunity for
you to assess the cost of deep tissue massage and determine if you should
look for a new therapist!

How Does Deep Tissue Work? [I mean, REALLY work]

The cost of deep tissue massage does not depend on the actual cost. The
real cost depends on how knowledgeable the practitioner is! As mentioned
previously, s/he must have [rather] extensive training in the topic, hands-on
experience at how to effectively apply the techniques of deep tissue and
most importantly the presence of mind to know what to do in a variety of
difficult situations that can arise [sometimes unexpectedly].

As we go about our daily lives, our bodies adjust to each/every interaction
we have – from the simplest thoughts to the very complex movements. This
adjustment is called compensation [in the world of bodywork] and if the
compensation is detrimental to our best alignment, then an option to correct
it is deep tissue – it can greatly assist in bringing us back to a state of

And, the determining factor is how effective the practitioner is and
the cost of deep tissue massage!! https://www.healthline.com/health/deep-