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An Introduction to What a Blog is and What My Blogs tell you
about Me

Why do a blog at all? What’s the purpose? Can’t people just get information on Google?
Well yes, there is information you can get online but that doesn’t tell much about the
person who is writing the blog! That’s the main purpose.

Besides providing information about the person writing the blog, it can also be a way to
network with others in the same business. The main reason I write blogs is to let you
know about my therapeutic bodywork business. That is, I want to share information that
I know about therapeutic bodywork so you can benefit from it.

The Different Types of Massage

Let’s take a look at what the different types of massage are. Broadly speaking, there are
2 basic categories:

1] Wellness: this is when a person wants a massage but doesn’t really have any specific
therapeutic problem – so they just want the benefits of relaxation. I just had a person
contact me who wanted just that! So, I referred him to other practitioners.

2] Healthcare: this category covers a wide range of therapeutic related conditions, from simple muscle stress to complicated structural alignment conditions.

An EXCEPTIONAL Style of Bodywork

A main reason for blogging is to inform you about AN EXCEPTIONAL style of bodywork that I do. It’s called Orthopedic Massage. Orthopedic massage is specifically used to treat “locomotor” disorders. What that means is that it corrects soft tissue, pain and
injury problems involved in movement. And what that means is that orthopedic massage treats pain and dysfunction in the body to help us function pain free!

Orthopedic massage includes an assessment of your overall body and an evaluation
that helps to determine what’s not functioning properly. Once that has been ascertained,
then orthopedic massage incorporates a treatment plan by using special techniques that
help to correct the imbalances.

Special Technique

One of those special techniques is called muscle energy technique [MET]. MET is a
fascinating and effective way to relax muscles by using the brain to do the work! And,
it’s very easy to do and is absolutely pain free.

Here’s a blog of mine that uses MET for muscle relaxation but also greatly helps when certain body parts are not functioning
well. This blog talks about MET that helped Rebecca enormously!
[that includes a video of her talking about her experience].